Thought Transfer (communication)

Thought Transfer


The ability to identify, interpret, create and transmit meaning across a variety of forms of communication

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  • Theory of the Image
    The image has been understood in many ways, but it is rarely understood to be fundamentally in motion. The current „Age of Image” author calls a „Copernican revolution in our time”. Theory of the Image offers the first kinetic history of the Western art tradition.
  • e-Learning and the Science of Instruction
    4th edition of essential reference for evidence-based guidelines for designing, developing and evaluating asynchronous and synchronous e-Learning for workforce training and educational courseware.
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning
    A comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of research and theory in the field, with a focus on computer-based learning.
  • Managing Information Quality: Increasing the Value of Information in Knowledge-intensive Products and Processes
    The book examines ways in which the quality of information can be improved in knowledge-intensive processes (such as on-line communication, strategy, product development, or consulting
  • Artificial Presence: Philosophical Studies in Image Theory
    A collection of studies on the image offers both a case for the importance of image studies and a broad introduction to this area of philosophical enquiry in which author implies that "the image opens up a view on reality liberated from the constraints of physics"
  • Learning, Creating, and Using Knowledge
    The book recognizes that the future of economic well being in today's knowledge and information society rests upon the effectiveness of schools and corporations to empower their people to be more effective learners and knowledge creators.
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