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  • When we fail to educate . . . a global lesson
    The recent outbreak of the war in Ukraine reminds us that although technology advances quickly, our cognitive advancement as a species lags behind with terrible consequences. 
  • Three thoughts on visuals
    Why visuals are important in the process of binding people together. How musical performances can be a blueprint for group work. And how employing representations ‚sells’ novel ideas.
  • Why we should give reMarkable 2 a shot
    How shortcomings of a new exciting paper computer can be perceived from a perspective of a startup founder, and why to give it a shot anyway.
  • How might a digital whiteboard work as a thinking tool?
    Interaction with “representations” on a whiteboard canvas can trigger learning processes. This phenomenon has been extensively observed and documented in child development.
  • 10 Innovative Tools to Bolster the Thinking Process
    Over 30 thousand thoughts cross your mind every day. What are the tools that support you in working them out?
  • Visual Thinking: The Doodle as Thought
    Thinking with pictures sounds a bit silly, reminds us of kindergarten flash cards as we memorized our letters. And yet, it remains a crucial instrument of complex thought, even a simple diagram can tell you much more than a naked explanation.

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