• The coming wave we’re not ready to face

    The coming wave we’re not ready to face

    I was so ready to get my hands on the book of DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman. I waited in anticipation to learn what a person …

  • Digital Visual Literacy

    Digital Visual Literacy

    A conversation with David Winkelman about, what we call “Digital Visual Literacy” —  the skill of supporting conversation and remote calls with visuals to enable people to work more productively together.

  • XV MBA International @WAB

    XV MBA International @WAB

    A set of follow-up materials for XV MBA International students who participated in my lectures.

  • Empowering students with technology

    Empowering students with technology

    A conversation with Michelle Williams, the ignitED teacher about technology adoption in schools and how digital devices in the classroom are essential to close achievement gaps.

  • CEE Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    CEE Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    A set of whiteboard engagement spaces for lecture on Entrepreneurship in CEE for HHL students