On this page, I explore knowledge creation and communication as the driving force in the construction of an intellectual and ethical culture. With our current postmodern needs in mind, I experiment with a new level of transparency in sharing my sources and findings.

I’m Bartosz Adam Gonczarek (B.A.G.) My professional path has always revolved around knowledge; I co-founded the knowledge communication platform Explain Everything, provide consulting services and give lectures on entrepreneurship as a PhD economist.


I like to think about this page as a form of footnotes for my thoughts and actions. Any serious know-how or know-what requires prior knowledge, and this is my way of systematizing what I find relevant.  You can find an online subset of my knowledge resources on this folksonomically-organized virtual sheed 1




Scientific Papers


I make a point of drifting away from disciplined, authority-approved, scientific fields, and instead blend philosophy, educational research, psychology, economy and cognitive science within the living ideas that I strive to follow. Each tells a different story about technology and the knowledge economy.

Multiliteracy is about the ways we humans are able to share knowledge amongst ourselves.

AI knowledge-acquisition  focuses on the knowledge being attained by machines. 

Team collaboration is about collective intelligence and cognisance of knowledge creation.

Dataism focuses on the knowledge being revealed by big data. 

Explore all living ideas here

Guest lectures

I teach International Business and lecture on startups and the microeconomic foundations of innovation as an affiliate to the following institutions: 

Aside from teaching, I continue to work full-time. I am fully committed to being present within our primary organization, and for this reason, I offer only a limited number of engagements per year.


Contact me through LinkedIN, Twitter or directly using this form.

  1. Nick Bostrom likes to call his page virtual estate, mine is more of a sheed