PODCAST BY B.A.Gonczarek

A list of recorded conversations exploring many interesting ways how technology and knowledge are interrelated.  

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  • Digital Visual Literacy
    A conversation with David Winkelman about, what we call "Digital Visual Literacy" —  the skill of supporting conversation and remote calls with visuals to enable people to work more productively together.
  • Empowering students with technology
    A conversation with Michelle Williams, the ignitED teacher about technology adoption in schools and how digital devices in the classroom are essential to close achievement gaps.
  • Visual Storytelling in Health Literacy
    During this in-depth conversation with Dr. David Grew, a radiologist and physician, we explore how the innovative art of visual storytelling can support communication between medical professionals and their patients.
  • The science of visual storytelling
    The science behind how we learn. A conversation with Reshan Richards, educator, writer and co-founder of Explain Everything whiteboard.
  • The nature of digital image
    A journey to the material foundation of the digital image and back. A conversation with the philosopher Thomas Nail.