XV MBA International @WAB

Materials for XV MBA International students

Thank you for participating in my lecture on International Business. It was great to spend time with you and exchange!

Here are materials from our meetings, recommended books we spoke about during the lecture:

  • A Thousand Brains
    Jeff Hawkins and his team discovered that the brain uses maplike structures to build a model of the world-not just one model, but hundreds of thousands of models of everything we know, and the origin of high-level thought
  • The Oxford Handbook of Group Creativity and Innovation
    The book covers recent theoretical, empirical, and practical developments that provide a solid basis for the practice of collaborative innovation
  • The Cultural Dimension of Global Business
    The book provide an essential foundation for understanding the impact of culture on global business and global business on culture.

And, also, whiteboard canvas from our last group exercise with your notes/ideas/examples:

Wish you all the best of luck in advancing your careers! 🥇And, as promised, I will let you know when David will come to Poland so we can reunite and meet in-person.

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