What can history tell us about how future of work will be shaped by technology? Is there a trend or any parallels we could observe? Anyone puzzled by the questions will find The Technology Trap as a valuable resource. This well research and written book makes it possible to revisit early days of Industrial Revolution and other important moments of technological progress. It is possible to use author’s findings as a framework for thinking about relations between people and technology. It makes it possible to reflect upon current issues with AI and automation from the perspective of similar struggles of lesser degree.

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A deep exploration of topics such as:

  • What was historical root cause of letting technology-driven growth off the hook? 
  • The importance of education in a process of adopting to the job market of the future, 
  • The reasons for workers unrest and fears of labor-replacing technologies, 
  • How technology advances were regarded thought the centuries (starting from monarchs of the medieval age),
  • What is the process of adopting inventions and how many of successful technologies struggled by being ahead of their time.
Author’s lecture
Oxford’s live event, streamed October 14, 2019

The Technology Trap
by Carl Benedikt Frey
Published: June 18, 2019
Length: 481 pages (in print)

Time to read: 19h

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