CoreConcept is new, and as an experiment, it is free for the first 2000 subscribers in 2019. There are benefits of obtaining an early access:


You’ll be well informed thanks to the newsletter updates that cover evolution of ideas by tracking BIZ&EDU publications


You’ll gain access to the restricted content, visible only to the subscribers.All attached whiteboards will become accessible.


You’re welcome to participate and improve understanding by contributing to the concept maps (see how)

It’s cool to remain a regular user, however, we know how buys things may be at times, therefore signing up makes life easier by providing updates your way.
I don’t sell or use adds. Core Concept’s mission statement is understanding, therefore we’ll user your email address solely for that purpose.


Concept Maps 
Concept maps
Restricted content

Here’s what happens at minimum once you sign up: 

A reader at minimum

To become a reader, sign-up by providing your email address. In the result:
1)  A confirmation email with an activation link will be delivered to your inbox. 
2) After using the activation link, will use your browser’s cookie to identify you and allow access to the restricted content, such as updates to the concepts. No account is created, however, we store your email for newsletter delivery.  
3) Once per month, you’ll receive a newsletter with an update, summing the changes related to the concepts commented on the page.

A collaborator at best

If, however, except reading you’d like to collaboratively explore concepts in the interest of understanding, here’s what possible after signing up:
1) Using activation email clicking on your personal profile link in order to complete your data
5) On your profile – mark your main interest in available concepts and provide your EE account

Become an 

inquisitive one

Open for a process of obtaining understanding instead of drowning in information with little knowledge.

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Core Concept uses Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard for storing and presenting content. As a subscriber .are provided as editable to facilitate information exchange (read how)

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