When communicating understanding “I see” is the first expression that comes to mind. Unsurprisingly for many ‘to get something’ equals the ability to visualize it.

There are two benefits of visualizing large, and usually complex, ideas:

  • It opens a possibility to provide multiple entry points, as focus of every observer will be a result of what catches the eye, instead of a single narrative as in written texts,
  • The brain maps out ideas like spaces, and therefore presenting contepts by visuals puts Method of Loci to an effective use

The content of the canvas develops with the understanding and that’s why some concepts are less developed than others. It actually presents an opportunity for your contribution!

How to contribute

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  3. From now on you’ll be able to can access all available concept maps and whiteboards included in the articles. You can make a contribution by adding, correcting information or leaving feedback.

To add or edit information simply connect to the whiteboard and do the changes.
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The changes you’ll make won’t be immediately visible on the website, as the site displays previews of the approved versions. I’ll notice your edits and will adjust materials and publish version containing your changes.